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  • North Central College

    • BA in Sports Management

    • Minor in Coaching

    • Minor in Business

    • Div III College Baseball


  • Strong First

    • SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 Certified

  • USA Weightlifting​

    • Level 1 Coaching Certified​

    • Level 2 Coaching Certified

  • American Fitness Professional & Associates

    • Personal Trainer Certified​

    • Post Rehabilitative Exercise Certified

  • Westside Barbell​

    • Westside Barbell Special Strengths Certified​

  • USA Powerlifting​

    • Club Coach Certified​

  • Functional Movement Systems​

    • FMS 1 Certified​

    • FMS 2 Certified

  • Totten Training Systems​

    • Basic Olympic Weightlifting Certified​

    • Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Certified

  • Red Cross​

    • First Aid & CPR Certified​

YouTube Channel
  • YouTube

Injury or Post Surgery

Whether you are having trouble recovering from an injury or just getting out of a surgery, I can help you properly build-up your strength and confidence.  I have helped many people, with little gym experience in this type of situation, but there is one story I want to highlight in particular. 

Gary was in his sixties when he came to me about one of his hands that had previously been in a sawing accident.  He had lost almost all function in the hand, but through hard work and dedication to his strength program with me, he restored his hand literally back to new again.  Regained function to the point of being able to start mountain biking, and is easily one of my biggest success stories as a coach.  Gary trusted the Dobrez Strength system, worked very hard, and achieved his goals.  Regardless of your circumstances, let’s work together to help you reach your fitness goals now!

Health Longevity

As you get older, strength training safely and efficiently becomes increasingly important for your health and longevity.  Your strength training workouts should leave you feeling better when you are done with them, rather than beat up or out of whack.  Prepare yourself for the rigors of getting older, and learn how to balance your body so you can continue to workout hard. 


Over the years I have worked with many clients who have adopted this mentality, but James is my favorite example because of his black belt aspirations.  James is currently in his forties on his long journey towards a black belt in Jui Jitsui, and he understands the value of staying healthy in order to train consistently.  So, James uses Dobrez Strength Online Programming, and spends time in the weightroom working on his weaknesses and staying balanced for his sports goals.  How does your future look?


Professional athletes use a team of personal coaches to help them achieve their physical or athletic goals, so why should things be any different for you?  Prioritize yourself today, and hire Dobrez Strength Online Programming to help you reach your goals, now!  I have worked with many athletes from different sports, and our approach is always the same.  “You are only as strong as your weakest link,” so we will strengthen your weaknesses and balance you for your sport to keep you healthy and training hard. 


One of my best athletes to trust the process was a Downhill Skier by the name, Martin.  Martin trained with me while he was in college, and we focused on building up his weaknesses as well as learning how to train safely and efficiently in the weight room.  After years of dedication in the weight room, on top of all the downhill skiing Martin did, he finally made his home countries Olympic team (Czech Republic).  Martin is a great example of an already talented athlete who got even better, because he hired a few private coaches to help get him there.  So, what are you training for?


Dobrez Strength Online Programming is a great resource for all weightlifters ranging from beginners who need to learn the positions for each movement, all the way to advanced athletes looking to compete at Nationals.  Take your lifting to the next level today, with Dobrez Strength Online Programming.


I have worked with many Olympic weightlifters over the years, but a great success story of mine as a coach was Alek.  Alek had been weightlifting on his own for a while before finally asking me to help him reach his weightlifting goals.  Alek was about 5 kilos short on each of his lifts, but still wanted to qualify to go to Nationals.  Oh ya, and he also just had ear surgery that needed major precautions taken.  So, he enlisted for my help, and with hard work he did exactly what he set out to do.  Not only did he qualify for Nationals with PR’s in each of his lifts, but Alek ended up taking the bronze medal for Snatch at Nationals.  (Alek Stefanov 81K Men’s Snatch 130K) He is another great example of an already talented athlete looking to private coaching for help reaching his goals. 

Chronic Back Pain

Is everyday a struggle, because your back pain continues to take a toll on your body and mind?  Take a pro-active approach to feeling better, minimizing or even eliminating your back pain, and learn how to strengthen your body in a balanced approach.  Dobrez Strength Online Programming is the safe and effective method for anyone dealing with chronic back pain, so what are you waiting for?


Around 9 years ago, Renee started working with me to alleviate her new chronic back pain that she was experiencing.  She hurt herself working out in a crossfit class, and now she was left with a lifelong injury, the dreaded L5-S1 disk herniation.  So, together we worked on choosing proper exercises, progressing those exercises as needed, choosing proper intensities, and improving movement quality.  With a consistent approach Renee has strengthened her back tremendously, allowing her to live a very active lifestyle with little to no back pain at all.  Don’t let chronic back pain get in the way of your life!

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