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Most important aspects of a quality strength training program are:

  • Proper exercise selection and focus

  • Efficient use of intensities (reps, sets, & weights)

  • Quality movement

Dobrez Strength Online Coaching delivers this in a quick and efficient process as listed below.



Free 30-minute Consultation via Zoom

Where we will meet to review your exercise and injury history, goals, and resources.


Train Heroic App

I will email you to setup your account, which will grant you access to your daily workout calendar, videos, and more.


Custom Strength Program

Updated every four weeks with proper exercise selection, proper use of intensities, and details to help focus on movement quality.



Your strength program will include demo videos for each exercise to help you better understand how to perform them yourself.


Check-in Email

I will reach out to you for feedback and how your previous strength program went, and set a date to review your new program via Zoom.

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Are you prepared for what life will throw at you?

  • Get rid of pain

  • Break through your plateaus 

  • Move safely and efficiently

  • Create a roadmap for reaching your goals

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